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Pilkington, James. The burnynge of Paules church in London in the yeare of oure Lord 1561. and the iiii. day of Iune by lyghtnynge, at three of the clocke, at after noone, which continued terrible and helplesse vnto nyght

Fleming, Giles. Magnificence exemplified: and, the repaire of Saint Pauls exhorted unto. : In a sermon appointed to be preached at St. Pauls-Crosse, but preached in the church. August the 31. 1634. By Gyles Fleming Mag. in Art. and preacher of Gods Word at Waddingworth, in Lincolne-shire

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England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I). His Maiesties commission, and further declaration: concerning the reparation of Saint Pauls Church