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Stapleton, Thomas. Thomae Stapletoni Angli, S. Theologiae Doctoris, et professoris regii Louanii, promptuarium catholicum : ad instructionem concionatorum contra haereticos nostri temporis : super omnia Euangelia totius anni tam Dominicalia, quam de festis ...

Chafie, Thomas. A brief tract on the fourth commandment. : Wherein is discover'd the cause of all our controversies. About the Sabbath-day, and the means of reconciling them.... Recommended by the Reverend Dr. Bates, and Mr. John How

The Jevvs Sabbath antiquated, and the Lords Day instituted by divine authority. Or, The change of the Sabbath from the last to the first day of the week, asserted and maintained by Scripture-arguments, and testimonies of the best antiquity