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Vigo, Giovanni da. The most excelent worckes of chirurgery, made and set forth by maister Iohn Vigon, head chirurgien of oure tyme in Italy, traunslated into Englishe. Wherunto is added an exposition of straunge termes and vnknowen symples, belongynge vnto the arte

The antidotharius : in the whiche thou mayst lerne howe thou shalt make many, and dyuers noble playsters, salues, oyntementes, powders, bawmes, oyles, and wounde drynkes, the whiche be verye necessarye, and behouefull, vtyle, and profytable for euerye surgyan, therin to be experte, and redy at all tymes of nede

Chirurgie complette. English

Culpeper's last legacy