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Digby, Everard, Sir. A short introduction for to learne to swimme. Gathered out of Master Digbies Booke of the Art of Swimming. And translated into English for the better instruction of those who vnderstand not the Latine tongue. By Christofer Middleton

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Thévenot, Melchisédec. The art of swimming. : Illustrated by proper figures. With advice for bathing. By Monsìeur Thevenot. Done out of French. To which is prefixed a prefatory discourse concerning artificial swimming, or keeping ones self above water by several small portable engines, in cases of danger

Art de nager. English

Percey, William, Gent. The compleat swimmer: or, The art of swimming : demonstrating the rules and practice thereof, in an exact, plain and easie method. Necessary to be known and practised by all who studie or desire their own preservation. By William Percey, Gent