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Tachard, Guy. A relation of the voyage to Siam· : Performed by six Jesuits, sent by the French King, to the Indies and China, in the year, 1685. With their astrological observations, and their remarks of natural philosophy, geography, hydrography, and history. Published in the original, by the express orders of His most christian Majesty. And now made English, and illustrated with sculptures

La Loubère, Simon de. A new historical relation of the kingdom of Siam. : By Monsieur De La Loubere, envoy extraordinary from the French King, to the King of Siam, in the years 1687 and 1688. Wherein a full and curious account is given of the Chinese way of arithmetick, and mathematick learning. In two tomes· Illustrated with sculptures. Done out of French, by A.P. Gen. R.S.S

Varenius, Bernhardus. Bernhardi Vareni Med. D. Descriptio regni Japoniae et Siam. : Item de Japoniorum religione & Siamensium. De diversis omnium gentium religionibus. Quibus, praemissâ dissertatione de variis rerum publicarum generibus, adduntur quaedam de priscorum Afrorum fide excerpta ex Leone Africano