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Burroughs, Jeremiah. Gospel-worship: or, The right manner of sanctifying the name of God in generall. : And particularly in these 3. great ordinances, viz. 1. Hearing the Word. 2. Receiving the Lords Supper 3. Prayer. By Jeremiah Burroughes, the Gospel-preacher to two of the greatest congregations in England, viz. Stepney and Criple-gate, London

Mayo, Richard. The life & death of Edmund Staunton D.D. : To which is added, I. His treatise of Christian conference. II. His dialogue betwixt a minister and a stranger. Published by Richard Mayo of Kingston, Minister of the Gospel

Younge, Richard. A Christian library, or, A pleasant and plentiful paradise of practical divinity : in ten treatises of sundry and select subjects, purposely composed to pluck sinners out of Satans snares, and allure them into the glorious liberty of the Gospel. By R. Younge, of Roxwel in Essex, florilegus

Redemption of time, the duty and wisdom of Christians in evil days. Or, A practical discourse, shewing what special opportunities ought to be redeem'd. What mispences of time are to be avoided.