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Nixon, Anthony. A true relation of the trauels of M. Bush, a gentleman who with his owne handes without any other mans helpe made a pynace, in which hee past by ayre, land, and water: from Lamborne, a place in Bark.shire, to the Custome house Key in London. 1607

Proclamations. 1642-06

England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I). Tvvo proclamations by the King. : His Maiesties proclamation for the more free passage of all his loving subjects, and the free carriage and conveyance of their horses, provisions, or other goods from any one place or part to another, within his kingdom of England, and the dominions thereof

Proclamations. 1642-06

England and Wales. Lord Protector (1653-1658 : O. Cromwell). An ordinance for the regulation of hackney coachmen in London and the places adjacent. : Fryday June 23. 1654. Ordered by his Highness the Lord Protector and his Council, that this ordinance be forthwith printed and published, Henry Scobell, Clerk of the Council