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Burthogge, Richard. Organum vetus & novum: or, A discourse of reason and truth. : Wherein the natural logick common to mankinde is briefly and plainly described. By Richard Burthogge M.D. In a letter to the most honoured Andrew Trevill Esq. of Ethe in the connty of Cornwal

Fuller, Samuel. A sermon preached before Her Majesty, at Whitehall; on Sunday, June 25. 1693. : By Samuel Fuller D.D. chancellor of the cathedral church of Lincoln, and chaplain in ordinary to Their Majesties. Published by Her Majesties special command

Owen, John. A brief declaration and vindication of the doctrine of the Trinity : as also of the person and satisfaction of Christ. Accommodated to the capacity and use of such as may be in danger to be seduced: and the establishment of the truth. By J. Owen D.D