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Wheler, George, Sir. A journey into Greece, by George Wheler Esq; in company of Dr Spon of Lyons. In six books. Containing I. A voyage from Venice to Constantinople. II. An account of Constantinople and the adjacent places. III. A voyage through the Lesser Asia. IV. A voyage from Zant through several parts of Greece to Athens. V. An account of Athens. VI. Several journeys from Athens, into Attica, Corinth, Boeotia, &c. With variety of sculptures

Giovio, Paolo. A shorte treatise vpon the Turkes chronicles, compyled by Paulus Iouius byshop of Nucerne, and dedicated to Charles the. v. Emperour. Drawen oute of the Italyen tong in to Latyne, by Franciscus Niger Bassianates. And translated out of Latyne into englysh by Peter Ashton. ...

Cantoral, Hieronymus Valentinus de. Aurea militaris artis practica Valentini Hieronymi de Cantoral Hispani de Tvrca vincendo & hac existente gentis illius dissensione funditus delendo manv armata sacratiss. Imperatoris, Rudulphii II semper aug. : adiecta ratione & modo vincendi hostes