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Matteis, Nicola. A collection of new songs : set by Mr Nicola, with a through bass to each song for the harpsicord, theorbo, or bass viol, being all teaching songs, made for his scholars, most of them transpos'd for the flute. The second book

Corkine, William. The second booke of ayres some, to sing and play to the base-violl alone: others, to be sung to the lute and base violl. VVith new corantoes, pauins, almaines; as also diuers new descants vpon old grounds, set to the lyra-violl

Attey, John. The first booke of ayres of foure parts with tableture for the lute: so made, that all the parts may be plaide together with the lute, or one voyce with the lute and base-vyoll. Composed by Iohn Attey Gentleman, and practitioner in musicke