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Ascham, Antony. An answer to the vindication of Doctor Hamond, against the exceptions of Eutactus Philodemius. : VVherein is endeavored to be cleared what power man hath. 1. Over his own liberty, (which is) his all. 2. Over his own life, for which he will give that all. The author E.P

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Erasmus, Desiderius. Here folowith a scorneful image or monstrus shape of a maruelous stra[n]ge fygure called, Sileni alcibiadis : presentyng ye state [and] condicio[n] of this present world, [and] inespeciall of the spiritualite how farre they be from ye perfite trade and lyfe of Criste, wryte[n] in the laten tonge, by that famous clarke Erasmus, [and] lately translated in to Englyshe