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The assize of bread Together with sundrie good and needfull ordinances for bakers, brewers, inholders, victuallers, vintners, and butchers: and also other assizes in weights and measures ... Whereunto there are also added, sundrie good and needfull orders in making and retailing of all kinds of lawfull breads ...

University of Oxford. Chancellor (1630-1641 : Laud). A proclamation, for the well ordering of the market in the cittie of Oxford : and for the redresse of abuses, in weights and measures, within the precincts of the Vniuersitie of Oxford

Greaves, John. A discourse of the Romane foot, and denarius : from whence, as from two principles, the measures, and weights, used by the ancients, may be deduced. By Iohn Greaves, Professor of Astronomy in the Vniversity of Oxford

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