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Savonarola, Girolamo. Confessio[n]ale pro i[n]structione co[n]fessoru[m] reuere[n]di patris fratris Hieronymi Sauonarol[ae] Ferrarie[n]sis ordinis pr[ae]dicato[rum] : in super recollectoriu[m] rudime[n]to[rum] sacrae theologi[ae] pro nouis pr[ae]dicatoribus & co[n]fessoribus fructuosissimu[m] : in quo sunt i[n]sert[ae] o[mn]es ce[n]sur[ae] papales & ep[iscop]ales

Luis, de Granada. A memoriall of a Christian life wherein are treated all such thinges, as apperteyne vnto a Christian to doe, from the beginninge of his conuersion, vntil the ende of his perfection : deuided into seauen treatises, the particulars whereof are noted in the page followinge