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Patten, William. The expedicion into Scotla[n]de of the most woorthely fortunate prince Edward, Duke of Soomerset : vncle vnto our most noble souereign lord ye ki[n]ges Maiestie Edvvard the. VI. goouernour of hys hyghnes persone, and protectour of hys graces realmes, dominions [and] and [sic] subiectes: made in the first yere of his Maiesties most prosperous reign, and set out by way of diarie, by W. Patten Londoner

Vermigli, Pietro Martire. An epistle vnto the right honorable and christian prince, the Duke of Somerset : written vnto him in Latin, auone [sic] after hys deliueraunce out of trouble, by the famous clearke Doctour Peter Martyr, and translated into Englyshe by Thomas Norton. Anno a verbo incarnato. M.D.L. Regni Edwardi sexti. iii