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The Protestant's answer to The Catholick letter to the seeker: or, A vindication of the Protestant's answer, to the seeker's request. Imprimatur, liber cui titulus, The Protestant's answer to the Catholick letter to the seeker, &c. Maii 22. 1688. H. Maurice RR. in Christo P.D. Wilhelmo Archiep. Cant. à Sacris

Randolph, Bernard. The present state of the Morea, called anciently Peloponnesus : together with a description of the city of Athens, islands of Zant, Strafades, and Sergio. With the maps of Morea and Greece, and several cities. Also a true prospect of the grand serraglio, or imperial palace of Constantinople, as it appears from Galata: curiously engraved on copper plates. By Bernard Randolph