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Swinnock, George. The fading of the flesh, and flourishing of faith; or, One cast for eternity : with the only way to throw it vvell. As also the gracious persons incomparable portion by George Swinnock, M.A. preacher of the gospel late at Great-Kimbel in the county of Bucks

Swinnock, George. Ouranos kai tartaros = Heaven & hell epitomized : the true Christian caracterized : as also an exhortation with motives, means and directions to be speedy and serious about the work of conversion

Swinnock, George. The Christian-mans calling, or, A treatise of making religion ones business : wherein the nature and necessity of it is discovered : as also, the Christian directed how he may perform it, in religious duties, natural actions, his particular vocation, his family directions, and his own recreations

Swinnock, George. The door of salvation opened by the key of regeneration: or, A treatise containing the nature, necessity, marks, and means of regeneration ; as also the duty of the regenerate. By George Swinnocke, M.A. and pastor of Rickmersworth in Hertfordshire

Ouranos kai tartaros =